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Prettie Tittie Tank Top

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The idea for this cutie came from these awesome new pants I bought on one of my late-night-can't-sleep-lets-online-shop escapades, and then realised I have zero tops that work with them! Totally normal right? I needed a halter top that's fairly cropped to go with the pants’ high waist, but doesn't have side boob or other too revealing features. And so this cutie was born. The simple ribbing body ensures that you feel snug and secure, and can easily adjust to your preferred length, and the extra wide halter section ensures the cups enclose your girls fully and no accidental side boob action occurs :-P Because lets face it, some things are more sexy when left to the imagination :-P I hope you love this top just as much as I do, and please tag me in your makes on Instagram or Facebook and use the #PrettieTittieTankTop

The construction of the top makes it easy to try on as you go, and adjust your sizing along the way (moving up or down in sizes for smaller/bigger cups for example. The construction is bottom up, starting with the ribbing in the round, and then knitted flat after that with slight decreases moving up. The halter section wraps around the side of the body to cover the sides in all the right places. Grading is provided for sizes XS all through to XXL.

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