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Pippi Longstocking Socks

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My inspiration for this pattern is our new Pippi Longstocking / Pippi Langstrumpf collection. I have been thoroughly enjoying this trip down memory lane into my childhood and I really wanted a pattern that will show off all the playful colourways, and here we are.

The original colours, as seen above, are available as a sock set in our shop, but this pattern is also a great stash buster as it allows you to be playful with all your leftovers, no matter how small. One row of spots uses up just around 2g of yarn, so every tiny leftover can be used.

This pattern is written based on knitting with DPNS, as personally I feel that knitting socks on circulars is some crazy witchcraft!! How do you do it?!?! However, if you are one of these incredible sorcerers that has mastered the dark arts of Magic Loop socks, you will be able to adapt the pattern to your needs.

If you have any questions or problems, please get in touch via email or the contact us form on the website :)

You will get a PDF (907KB) file

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