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My Recovery Blanket!

Those of you who have known me for a while, know that while I like fitness (and not just fitn'this pizza in my mouth :-P ) I am all for weight training and zero about cardio. Generally the only time I run is away from zombies or after the ice cream truck.

Well, as if to taunt me, as life does, it has thrown me a challenge. In order for my leg to recover (and stay out of trouble longterm) I was told I need to add cycling to my regime! YAY...not!

So, I asked myself how can I get myself motivated to do this? What do I love enough to make this bearable? (Yes I literally feel that dramatic about cardio :P ). And the answer was.. ADD KNITTING!!

So off I went and bought an "under desk bike" and put my knitting-brain-cells to work to work out a pattern that will be easy to knit and yet fun to do, while cycling.

ENTRY....the Recovery Blanket!

I have cast on, and the rules are as follows:

1) I will only knit on this blanket while cycling.

2) I will record each day how many kms I have cycled and also how many meters of yarn I have knitted in that time

3) I will post an update every week with kilometers cycled and yarn knitted, and of course picture updates of how the blanket is going.

Would you like to join me? Shared pain is half the pain right? So for those of you who'd like to join me on this trip, stay tuned for the pattern.

Stay tuned!!!