KnitPro Nova Cubics Circular Needles

KnitPro Nova Cubics Circular Needles

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The KnitPro Cubics circular knitting needles feature an innovative needle design like no other!  The cuboid shape lessens hand fatigue as it provides excellent grip, ensuring you can comfortably knit for a long time. It is also lightweight to further improve your knitting experience. Like round needles, the cuboid-shaped needles fit into a standard needle sizer. The sharp and gradually tapered tips make it perfect for all kinds of knitting projects.

Designed for ease of hold, KnitPro Nova Cubics Fixed Circular Needles are ideal for beginners or those with dexterity problems. The strong brass needles have a smooth join to the resilient, flexible cable, so your knitting won't snag or catch. Available in a range of needle sizes.