KnitPro Nova Cubics Interchangeable  Needles

KnitPro Nova Cubics Interchangeable Needles

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KnitPro Nova Cubics provides the best of both worlds by combining durable, strong interchangeable needle tips with an ergonomic cuboid shape. The shape lessens hand fatigue as it provides excellent grip, ensuring you can comfortably knit for a long time. It is also lightweight to further improve your knitting experience.


Like round needles, the cuboid-shaped needles fit into a standard needle sizer. The sharp and gradually tapered tips make it perfect for all kinds of knitting projects. Thanks to the innovatively designed cable with a smooth join, stitches will glide easily with no snagging.


These special KnitPro Nova Cubics needle tips come in a variety of sizes ranging from 4.00-8.00mm. Each needle tip is 10cm in length and form a 40cm long circular knitting needle when combined with a 20cm long cable.