2023 S & W Advent Swap

It's time for the Stitchcraft & Wizardry 2023 Advent Swap!

The Rules 

1. Sign up closes on 9th of October 2023 at the below link.
2. You’ll be matched up with your advent buddy and receive their
3. Get in touch, make a friend, and most importantly, share the Christmas cheer.
4. Separately wrap 24 different 5g balls, cakes or mini skeins of hand dyed yarn
5. Send them to your buddy by no later than 15th November by regular post or by 22nd by express post. Please note, international swaps need to be posted by 01 November 2023.

Feel free to stick with the 24 minis, or go all out and add some
chocolate, or other Christmas cheer. You and your buddy are free to decide on what you would like to do.
The general rule is 24x 5g balls of hand dyed 4ply yarn, however you and your buddy can decide yourself if you would like to allow a
different weight, extras etc.

Last but not least, please only sign up if you are happy to commit to the above, and don’t let your buddy down. Christmas is a time for joy and cheer, don’t make us tell Santa to send you coal! :)
If for whatever reason you have signed up, but are unable to fulfill your commitment, please let us know so we can find another buddy for your previous buddy so they don’t miss out.
Please note that this is a free event and we cannot be held responsible if your buddy doesn't fulfill their side of the swap. We will of course do our best to help where we can but we depend on everybody's co-operation and trust.