Welcome to the 2nd Stitchcraft & Wizardry Secret Second Sock Syndrome Swap!!!!


Our first SSSSS was such a success that we just had to do it again!

Just like in our first swap, this even is for ALL skill levels, so please do not feel like you aren’t a good enough sock knitter to join….because that’s rubbish!! I am sure someone will think exactly the same, and that will probably end up your buddy and you will have loads of fun with your perfectly imperfect socks!

We will match buddies by skill level, country, size and a few other criteria, to find you the best suited buddy there is.

For this swap, we have been able to convince the incredibly clever sock queen Lauren at Pearls & Purls (@pearlsandpurls) to share not one, but TWO of her gorgeous patterns with us, from which you will be able to choose with your buddy, or maybe even make a mismatching pair? The possibilities are endless! J 

Here is how the 2nd Secret Second Sock Syndrome Swap works:

  • Sign up and fill in the questionnaire (Sign up will close on 25 April!)
  • Get paired up with a sock buddy - we will try and match everyone by their skill level, preference for shipping ie domestic or international, and also size. With all of this however please note that we might not be able to match you 100% on all three points, so please note if any of those points are a MUST for you and we will make sure that we get it right.
  • Once paired, we send you the information of your buddy, and you guys can get in touch and discuss likes and dislikes with regard to colour and/or feel and fit, and just in general become buddies :) because we all love yarn buddies right?!
  • Pick a yarn from your stash (or buy one if you need an excuse for yarn shopping :P, because lets face it, we all love it!)
  • On the start date, which will be the 1st May, you will be sent your patterns and…
  • GO GO GO! Don’t waste time, and cast on your first sock!
  • You have exactly 1 month to finish your first sock, that’s pretty good right, however here comes the twist.
  • Once you finish your first sock, you enjoy that FO feeling, post and boast about it on Instagram and Ravelry and then, wrap it up, together with the rest of the yarn, and send it to your buddy! That’s right, this sock will not be yours.
  • Since your buddy will do the same, you will receive a finished sock, and the matching leftover yarn from your buddy in the mail some time in that month also. And as soon as you do, you get that new project feeling, butterflies, excitement, and whoppaaaa you cast on your first, yet 2nd sock!!

We think this sounds like loads of fun, because not only do you get a pair of surprise socks in the end, you also get to work on 2 projects, one yarn that you never knew there was until it popped into your letterbox, and the fun of having made a new yarn buddy!

Optional: you and your buddy can choose to just send each other the yarn and actually keep the 1st sock so you both have a matching odd pair, which is pretty cool too really, but this is totally up to you :)

We do have a few rules though to make this fun for everyone:

  • Pretty obvious…ONLY SIGN UP if you actually have time and are certain you will finish your sock in time for your buddy to receive it.
  • Again, pretty obvious…..ONLY SELECT INTERNATIONAL if you are prepared to cover the sometimes quite considerable cost of international shipping.
  • Yarn requirements: Only use hand dyed yarn, in 4ply fingering / sock weight
  • You knit the sock to the gauge/size requirements stated in your buddies info (Not your own) and your buddy will do the same. HOWEVER if you guys decide to go for the matching odd sock version, you of course knit the sock to your own size.
  • You have 1 month to finish your sock AND post it to your buddy. We do realise that sometimes life happens and gets in the way of knitting time, but please if that happens, let us know asap so we can try match up your buddy with someone else so he/she does not miss out!
  • HAVE FUN! This is all about having fun, making friends, and sharing the love for socks! Be courteous, be kind, and enjoy the ride.
Last but not least, this is a free event, and we are organising this for fun, for you our yarny friends,  and for our love of socks, however as such we cannot take any responsibility if your buddy does not end up sending their sock and yarn, or the parcel gets lost in the mail. However if there are any issues, please always let us know and we will do our very best to try and solve any issues so everyone is happy in the end.

Registration Closed