Our Woods

Here is a selection of our woods. There are other "single batch" woods available so please contact us for more options and we are also adding more woods so please check back for new updates.

She-Oak (Bull Oak)

This native species timber has developed a series of different textures and colours, making it a combination of the Australia She-Oak and Bull-Oak from other States.  It goes from very dark red to nearly white, and all red and grey combinations in between.  Very old trees fallen to the moist ground for some time, lose lots of the reds and replaced it with grey, brown and black lines (beginning of spalting, with the natural bark separating by its own, leaving an absolute amazing texture on its outer skin



Ranges from medium pinkish brown to dark brown. Sometimes streaked with pink, greenish gray, or black streaks. Grain is usually interlocked, and commonly wavy. Texture is medium, with a moderate natural luster, and shallow open pores.


Almond wood is very heavy and very dense, when green and after dried, this wood doesn't allow much work to be done while green and in the drying process, the sapwood and heartwood "fight" viciously as they try to separate from each other.  The heartwood simply cracks open the full trunk, nearly separating it in two.  Amazingly after the initial stage (first 12 months after cut), the wood goes to a transformation where the very distinct colours of heartwood and sapwood when green, become blended with almost no separation between the two. 

The bright yellow of the green Sapwood, them become this orange(ish) colour with some extra effects on the grain cells, looking in same places like snakeskin.  In exchange, the green heartwood very bright reds and browns are now medium to dark orange and the bark browns become a lot lighter in colour.

Wild Olive

Wild Olive wood is wood that grows from the Olive tree root that has been cut for some time.  These shoots grow all around the stump bark, dozens of shoots come out like bamboo cane, with time, the weaker ones die off and the strongest shoots develop into straight limbs reaching a hight of 5 meters or so and a diameter of 6" or so on the most mature shoots.

The wild Olive wood is very dense and very strong with great flexibility, the heartwood is always small in diameter and the grains seem to be tighter than the normal Olive wood.  This wood also has lots of grain in parts of the sapwood, from curls to fiddleback these wood effects become more noticeable after the wood is coated with something.


A Quick Note on Wood

Wood is a natural product and as such can differ in colour, grain, lightness etc. Please be aware that these images are examples only of what a type of wood looks like and a finished product may be different in appearance once received. That's why wood is such a wonderful material to work with, you never know what its going to look like in the end and every piece is unique.