"Harta is for Treasure" Coconut Yarn Bowl
"Harta is for Treasure" Coconut Yarn Bowl

"Harta is for Treasure" Coconut Yarn Bowl


Stitchcraft & Wizardry Perth

After having spent time on Cocos Island recently and having learned about the wonderful world of coconut farming and the wonderful products derived from it, I knew I had to combine yarn with this incredible gift from mother nature.

With help from Jake from "Coconut Bowls" we found the perfect fit for this winning combo. With the focus on sustainability and giving back to the community, these guys are filling my heart with sunshine (read their story here: 1 - Charity - Coconut Bowls). 

Each yarn bowl is hand carved and engraved here at Yarnia HQ, and due to each bowls' unique size, shape and pattern, every bowl is one of a kind, just like all your crafty projects! :)

I work with the natural shape and patterning of each bowl when carving and decorating, to bring out the natural beauty of each bowl while making it perfect for that ball of fluff to work with.

Approximate size per bowl is 14cmx8cm (or approx 700ml volume) and it comfortably fits your standard hand dyed yarn cake, commercial skeins/balls or a whole lotta minis!