"Don't Sweat It"  stitch marker set (5)
"Don't Sweat It"  stitch marker set (5)

"Don't Sweat It" stitch marker set (5)


Stitchcraft & Wizardry Perth

Crafted right here in Stitchcraft Manor, with love, lots of swearing, and definitely nerdiness, are our "Don't sweat it" stitch marker sets. They are the perfect match for our Sock Squad stitch markers.

Thanks to the lever clasp closure these cuties are perfect for knitting as well as crochet,  and the 3D print technique ensures they are light and won't snag.

All our 3D items are made with PLA made from recycled plastic, which is non-toxic and biodegradable. Note: 3D printing works by heating up plastic filament to 210 degrees and then builds up the object layer by layer, in millions of 0.2mm thick layers, to create the finished product. This is a very long process and unlike poured plastic, that is set into moulds, the finish is not shiny and smooth, but more matt with visible printing layers and uneven surfaces. This is normal for 3D printed items and does not effect their use.