KnitPro Nova Metal Fixed Circular Needles

KnitPro Nova Metal Fixed Circular Needles

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Nova Metal circular needles cover all of the smaller and shorter needle sizes that are not found among Nova Metal's interchangeable circular needles, ranging from 2.00-12.00 mm, and from 40-150 cm.

Like the rest of the Nova Metal needles, the circular needles are also made of hollow brass pipes and with a nice polished surface. The smooth polished surface makes the masks slide easily and effortlessly over the needles. Between needle and cable, a smooth transition has been made, so the masks here slide effortlessly over the needle without sticking to the crossings.

The ends are getting gradually sharper, making the needles ideal for all knitting projects.

The light and strong brass has several advantages. The hollow needles ensure a light weight which makes the needles quite comfortable to use, so you may knit for hours without getting sore hands and fingers. The strength of brass is your guarantee of minimum wear and maximum durability. The cables are elastic and flexible, and without knocks, making them easy to fold together and store it as you like.

A streamlined manufacturing process enables the Nova Metal series to be sold at an extremely advantageous price.

KnitPro Nova Metal - the best and cheapest needles in brass.