Roald Dahl Inspired Collection - Full Set

Roald Dahl Inspired Collection - Full Set


Stitchcraft & Wizardry Perth

Hand dyed Roald Dahl Collection on our "Goldfinger" base of 80% SW Extra Fine Merino, 15% Nylon, 5% Gold Stellina 400m / 100g and our "House Elf Liberty" base of 85% SW Extra Fine Merino, 15% Nylon 4ply 400m / 100g.

We're all a little bizarre from time to time and the works of Roald Dahl have inspired a generation of people, including ourselves to be just as out there, weird and wonderful. This collection celebrates some of his greatest stories, those that we have loved as kids and now love to pass on to our own children and watch in merriment at the joy these books still bring and the fond memories the recall.

Affordable luxury. Extrafine superwash merino wool is blended with cashmere for a supersoft, plump yarn with next to the skin softness. Nylon is added for durability. Perfect for luxurious jumpers, socks, gloves and shawls. The main factor determining the quality of merino wool is its softness which depends upon the fineness of the fibres. We use extrafine merino (19.5 microns) which is some of the finest commercially available for hand dyers. This results in a supersoft yarn that feels gentle against the skin. Each skein of yarn is hand dyed with professional acid dyes and treated with wool care after, for a perfect finish. As each batch is dyed by hand, there can be slight colour variations between each batch, so if you wish to purchase more than one skein for your knitting or crochet project, or require a different base, please get in touch and I will ensure each skein is from the same batch, and/or on the base required. Please also note that while we do our best to accurately capture the colour of the yarn in the picture, the colours may slightly differ due to variations in monitors and screens. It is recommended to handwash your yarn/ finished object and lay flat to dry.